Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Lady did it! We had 2 beutifull kids today! Yeah! I had just gone outside to take pics of our "redneck" camp that the kids were working on. Clothes line, tarp, stakes and sleeping bags, fire pit. Awesome? Yes! Anyway... I was taking pics for Jeremy, when.... could it be.... yes! I know the sound of babies crying! I tore off for the goat pen and holy crap! There they were! The first born Gracie was on her feet.And little Sofia had just come out and mama was licking at her nose and mouth to clear it out! I hollered at Chewy to get the kids and a towel! I have never seen that little dutch boy run so fast! Anna came in the pen with me(after I called Jeremy screaming) we dried off Sophia. The kids(my human kids) got a HUGE sex-ed lesson today!!!! We had lots of fluids and "stuff", that they experianced. But they are here and sooooooo dang cute! Here is to you mama Lady and to our new kids Gracie and Sophia! BTW We now have 15 female pets! Watch out Jack! The girls are takin' over!

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