Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have been taken hostage... by pinterest! Oh my gosh! I know we have all been through it! I want to paint my fridge. It is cream, all the other appliances are white. It still works and I can't get rid of it till it dies. Well... I can. I am just cheap, as you know. Anyway... I was checking out pinterest for inspiration. And now my husband has a world of hurt coming when he gets home! Cuz boy, I have a LOT of ideas on a lot of things! ;) did you know that you can stick a cutting of a rose bush, stick it in a raw potato, plant it and it will grow a new bush? What?! Mind blown! And you can take a mens shirt, stick your body through the head hole, fold it in a certain way, and you have a strapless top?! For real! So be careful out there! It will get you and you will be trapped. You will need a child crying, or a pot boiling over to save you! Good luck my friend. Good luck!

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