Friday, September 20, 2013

Bad Mom? VERY Dirty Kids?

Soooo I have a confession... I know all Moms will relate to this but especially those with larger fams. It is HARD work to keep up with keepin' my kids clean. Our days are crazy! As is yours! We have 4 kids. Our day starts at 6am. Husband and 2 big kids are out the door at 6:30. Little kids up at 7am then out the door at 7:30. I clean and do laundry, feed and care for our dog, 10 hens and 3 goats. Garden. Can and freeze our veggies. Sew. Patch endless numbers of knee worn out jeans. Crochet and knit. Clip coupons and meal plan. Pay bills and pray my checks will not bounce!(Please don't bounce!) We also are remodeling(very slowly as money will allow)Then they all start trickling in around 3. Then its homework! Make dinner. Then trying to get #3 ready for football. (Please say a prayer for me! I swear this kid has molasses running in his veins!)Leave at 5:30, home at 8pm. Then a second supper( they are "starving, I didn't eat enough") Try to get all that done by 8:30 for 30 minutes of reading. Then fill out reading logs and other school papers. (how much homework do these kids need!?)Then on Saturdays its a football game. Chop and stack wood. All the other chores. Clean our disgusting van, garage, house, barn, chicken coop. Then ohhhh my gosh!!! When was the last time 3 and 4 had their last shower???? I check their feet...:( I discover I am NOT super mom of the year!!! BOOOOOO!!!!! Well... They are alive, well fed, learning, learning responsibilities, are sorta respectful... What can I say. Anyone relate to this? The real kicker is, I scroll thru my week and hmmm... was it Wednesday the last time I showered? Thursday? Did I really just blog about this? I am just saying these are the things the should talk to kids about in health class. They don't tell you that having 4 babies in 5 years will reduce you to blogging about this! Oh well. They are my world(dirty or not)!!

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