Monday, September 23, 2013

Holy Cereal Appocalips

I Love to be cheap!!! It makes me happy! It is the wind beneath my wings! I have been sick all week with a terrible cold and Jeremy,(my husband)offered to go with me to get groceries. I made a list according to my meals planned for the week.(more on that to follow). I always(try)to go with a list. It keeps you on track, in and out, no extra spending. I always am "scanning" the aisles when shopping. There is always sales that are not in the flyer, and clearance(insert Oprah voice. CLEEEEEEERAAAANCE) I know lots of you are afraid of clearance food! Don't be! It makes me swoon, like a love sick girl! The real reason they mark things down is NOT scary! The reasons they do is-
1. A new package/box is coming out.
2. The expiration date is coming up.
3. Huh... can't think of the others. I will let you know if I think of it.(yes...:( this is what my husband deals with)
Ok, so the first 2 reasons, not scary. I was soooooo excited when this week I found boxes of cereal for .99 cents! Full size boxes! So I bought 23 boxes! Yes that's right, 23! I have 4 kids, and we go thru cereal like crazy! I know. I should cook for them in the morning. But, I don't. Trying to get everyone out the door is the goal. Not being mommy of the year.(sorry kid's)Anyway... Back to what I wanted to talk about... We get home from groceries. The kids all come out to help us bring in our bags. I tell Sam to bring this bag and this bag etc... down to the basement. I start shelving ALL my boxes and boxes of cereal. Chewy(our youngest) comes down and all the sudden I hear "HOLY CEREAL APPOCALIPS!!!!!!" Yup that's how cheap I am. They think I am preparing for the end of the world. Nope. Just a cheap, poor mom! Trying to make the most of what I have. So here's hoping they don't get sick of strawberry stars! Fingers crossed.(Don't worry... you can always turn yucky cereal into marshmallow treats for school parties. hehehe) So here's to cheap Mama's! Let us keep scarying our kids and making them sick of strawberry stars!

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