Saturday, July 27, 2013

Raw Goat Milk Spa

My oldest, Sam, has become the little farmer! I am sure his Great, Great Grandpas, Silas and Frank would be proud! He spends so much time out with the goats, and chickens everyday! So proud! It takes a lot of time and love to take care of animals. Well, Sam has been learning to milk Lady, our Mama goat. He is doing a great job! He has been doing it about a week. Lady decided she needed to kick the pail. Sam was not holding her hind leg as much as needed, and Sam got a very nice spa treatment! Raw milk in the face! It was a full on soak of the whole body! Poor Sam! Really funny for the rest of us, but not so much for him! He was a trooper and took a shower and was back at it the next day! Good for you Sam! By the way... He did NOT appreciate me yellin' "IN THE FACE, IN THE FACE!" What's a Mom to do?! They know I am NEVER a grown up!!

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